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Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

First, let us tell you who we are and what we are specialised in — Reyaimpex PVT LTD is one of the best-certified glazed ceramic tiles OEM manufacturers. We are suppliers & exporter of ceramic tiles and we are located in Morbi, Gujrat, India. Our primary focus is to fulfil the customer's requirements and provide them with the best living and working space up to modern standards. As a global distributor, We had already exported our best Ceramic wall and floor tiles product in more than ten countries like Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Yemen, and, more. Due to our ceramic tile products’ growing demands, we are now decked up and braced to expand the coverage area by adding another country into our tally, Philippines. We are exporting our glazed ceramic tiles in the Philippines in different sizes and styles.

Our Excellent Range of Ceramic Tiles Products That We Offer in the Philippines

Our ceramic tiles are precisely and innovatively OEM manufactured and embossed with the latest technology, and methodology. Our final glazed ceramic tile product has a single layer of glazed tiles to justify the ceramic tiles’ toughness. We have a wide range of polished and glazed ceramic tiles that are adept with flawless and extraordinary gloss, design, and texture, making them the perfect choice to upgrade walls, and flooring of your home and offices and other commercial places. The finished final ceramic tiles flooring come with various designs, artwork, and textures like steel, bamboo, wood, or stone. The available sizes are ceramic wood tiles 600 X 600 mm and ceramic wall tiles 600 X 1200 mm. Reyaimpex has a wide range of heavy-duty ceramic floor tiles meant specifically for heavy-duty performance regardless of weather condition. These glazed ceramic tiles are the best fit as an outdoor or patio floor tile, due to their skid-free and easy to clean tile nature. These wall and floor tiles are available in various thicknesses and varieties like rustic, stone, and matte finishes and general size of the outdoor ceramic tiles flooring as 600 x 600 mm. Now a question arises, why ceramic tiles? So, here are some basic pros of using them as our product. The water absorption of ceramic wall and floor tiles is less than 0.5%, which is much lower than any other tile making it best to use in any weather condition. Ceramic wall and floor tiles are made up of dense clay material and fired at very high temperatures ranging between 2,200 to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit making them more brittle than others. They are not a cost-effective product as they are slightly more expensive than the other ones, but these are the way better options because they are highly durable and have a unique glaze. Our ceramic floor tiles are in high demand because they are readily used in homes, offices, malls, hotels, restaurants, and bars, which generate better revenue as a OEM manufacturer and exporter.

Best Ceramic Wall And Floor Tiles Providers In The Philippines

Reyaimpex is one of the best ceramic wall and floor tiles providers in the philippines due to our best quality checks and mandatory inspection cycles. All the OEM manufactured ceramic tiles are printed through Digital Printing technology, making our tiles flagship tiles in the market. The Reyaimpex team is fully equipped with the latest resources and the technology providing the best and the newest ceramic wall and floor tiles product as per our client requirement. The OEM manufacturing unit of Reyaimpex is focussed on delivering the customised glazed ceramic tile product as per the client project requirement.

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