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Top Porcelain Tiles Manufacturers

We at Reya Impex combine quality and innovation with latest trends and eventually come out with a wide line of superlative products for the future. This is exactly what seats us at the top amongst the best Porcelain Tiles Manufacturers in India. And it is because of the same zeal that we have excelled and have laid foundation of our booming business which is now registered in over 5 continents. Our expertise, one of the most skillful team in the industry and the yearn to constantly evolve in every facet of product development, Manufacture, socio-economic contribution and customer support and satisfaction is our driving force.

Our Porcelain Tiles Collection

Porcelain tiles that are manufacture by us come in varieties of Sizes, Colors and Finishes and designs replicating Natural Stone-Look, Marbles, Bamboos, and Wood etc.

Colour Wise Tiles Collection

  • White Tiles
  • Grey Tiles
  • Brown Tiles
  • Black Tiles
  • Red Tiles
  • Blue Tiles

Finish Wise Tiles Collection

  • Wood Tiles
  • Marble Tiles
  • Glossy Tiles
  • Matt Tiles
  • Metallic Tiles
Glossy Tiles
Wood Look Tiles
Grey Tiles
Brown Tiles

Our Porcelain Tiles Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing process of the finest quality Natural clay, our Porcelain Tiles go through a vigorous two part process of Sintering and Pressing. The meticulous treatment thus creates a mixture out which comes our end product of the most excellent quality of Porcelain tile. The product in itself since made out of natural raw products mimic the look and quality of natural stones and yet are better.

Our porcelain tiles unmistakable attributes like resistance to moisture and durability and strength to withstand stress, wear and tear overtime is made possible due to its complex and intense treatment at high temperature, this treatment thusly gives the Tile a lot of like low maintenance characteristics and also, gives its high thickness and vital hardness to bear all sort of utilizations.

Due to its properties and modern in-house innovations that we have achieved through years of experience and a team of experts, makes it possible for its attuning with any sort of designs and treatments textures; thus our product is aptly a suitable substitute for marbles too and due to its versatility it's far better an option than natural stones or granites.

In our facility we constantly thrive to come up with new innovations and techniques to deliver a superior product, with ultra modern machinery and closely manufacturing process we have been able to able to keep up in the Global market and our customized support system for solutions and queries makes us not just the best in the country but also one of the most promising companies in the world.

Advantages of Our Porcelain Tiles

Due to our intense treatment and continuous quality checks along the rigorous process our Porcelain Tiles are especially suited for the customers of today and the future. Our product has high returns in terms of characteristic instilled in them; such as

Compliance to High Temperature

Tiles composition is planned and toiled to adjust with high temperature and low or no ingestion of moisture Furthermore, it is this quality that makes it hold its form while facing outrageous temperatures and resistant against breaking and staining.

Thickness & Rigidity

Our product is harder and thickener in composition than other ceramics, providing it a more impenetrable property.

Slip Resistance

Due to its manufacturing attributes the porcelain tiles are highly slip resistant.


Our porcelain products are denser in its structure and has a uniformity about which provides it a high resistance to wear and tear and suitable for areas with heavy footfall.

Easy Maintenance

Our porcelain tiles are easy to preserve and maintain owing to its impervious nature. Any excess water on the surface or dust and dirt can be easily swiped and cleaned right off.

Eco Compatible

Our manufacturing process and the raw materials follow a principle of having minimal effect on the environment, hence all our products are eco compatible.

More Design Options

We have flourished in coming up with many looks, finishes and designs like stoneware, wood finish etc and all this is because of the high quality raw products used in our porcelain tiles and slabs.

Where Can You Use Our Porcelain Tiles?

Kitchen Tiles
Bedroom Tiles
Bathroom Tiles
Waiting Room Tiles

Owing to its properties which are imbibed through an intense manufacturing process our Porcelain tiles have a varied and wide range of applicability in different areas of your space. Also, due to its properties our tiles are more likely to live out more than any average tiles out there and thus are fit for both residential and commercial spaces.

All the design options specially infused properties make our porcelain tiles and slabs suitable for all living space such as hallway, waiting rooms, bathroom, living room, bedrooms and kitchens. Not just for the functionality the products come in different and attractive assortment of looks and finish which are perfect for any surface.

Our Porcelain Tiles are highly durable and show great resilience to breakage, wear and tear and its high density naturally makes it way to high traffic areas where heavy footfalls are expected and are perfectly suited for commercial complexes. And since the product is treated under very high temperature the composition provides it with a property to bear extreme heat, and as such the tiles are perfect for fireplaces, boiler rooms, and spaces which are exposed to high temperature.

Since they require least amount of maintenance the porcelain slabs and tiles are perfect for busy spaces with heavy footfalls, such as halls, stairways, waiting rooms, showrooms etc. The toughness of our tiles such that they are suitable not only just for indoors but for outdoor usage too, their earthy tones and the quality to replicate natural stones makes it a practical choice for outdoors and is built to withstand virtually any climate.